• Rineesh

Robotics and Automation: The Future of Robots

With the innovation in the technology, human efforts regarding the operational feasibilities of the processes lack in the efficient performance and optimization of the process gradually as the complexity increases. The gradual advancement towards the intervention of computers in human works is getting pace with respect to multiple utilities in domestic and industrial zones. Robotics is an important field that has provided society with efficient execution of processes with fundamental assistance towards different processes. Robotics is a blend of computer software with mechanical designing and electronic components that provide fundamental support in serving multiple purposes. Robotics is an important interdisciplinary branch that includes the interaction of computer software with major evaluations related to Artificial Intelligence. Robots have provided society by aiding people with various functions that are important in the production of various parts. Robots are efficient in performing multiple industrial processes in which human interaction is not possible and for fast production in less time encountered. People are now installing the robots not only for household purposes and for industrial utilities. Industries for increasing production for optimization of the economy are utilizing robots.

Robots are important, as they are a practical implementation of science and technology. Robots are generally of five types that comprise all the informational background of the robots under their scope:

Pre-Programmed Robots

Pre-programmed robots are that particular type of robots that perform a single kind of operation in a simple and monotonous manner. Mechanical arms or assembly assistance arms are the main example of pre-programmed robots. These pre-programmed robots are better than humans in many perspectives.

Humanoid Robots

Humanoid robots are the mimicry of human behavior and are responsible for performing all those functions that are under the scope of human interaction related to the multiple aspects of life. These robots interact with the people depicting the same manners as humans and assist the human with more efficient performances. Sophia and Atlas are two notable humanoid robots that consist of Artificial Intelligence in their processors that make them different from other robots.

Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots are independent in their performance as human intervention is not necessary for these kinds of autonomous robots. These robots are independent of human supervision and are in the lists of open environments. Roomba is an example of an autonomous robot that is independent of any kind of human interference.

Teleoperated Robots

Teleoperated robots are mechanical robots that are under the complete control of humans. These robots are efficient ones in extreme weather conditions or geographical situations in which the complete inspection and detection of various operational components are under control throughout the operation.

Augmenting Robots

Augmenting robots are those types of robots that control human activities or are capable of replacing the complete performance of the function. For humans that have lost the function of an arm, leg, or any part, the prosthetic associations under robotic control provide assistance of various human functions partially or completely. For example, lifting heavy objects or robotic prosthetic limbs are important. (Enz, 2011)


Robots are mainly present in those industries where batch production with excessive and repeated productions are important parameters. The robots are important in the production of similar assemblies with optimization in the design. Computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided machining are two important fundamental aspects of robotics. Considering these parameters, the robots are an innovation that provides the implementation of science and helps society in every designed aspect. Robots have programming language written in their software. The software is the language converted from human deliberate requirements to the robotic understandable language. Robots are present in almost every field of life like manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and inspection purposes. Considering these facts, robotics have provided humankind with such innovative approaches that have changed the complete lifestyle of society.


Robotics are important in building an innovative future that provides essential assistance for the performance of operations related to both households and industrial purposes. Some of the notable applications are:

  • Helping people by working in extreme environments

  • Helping the humans in manufacturing plants known as cobots

  • Controlling forest inspection and fighting forest fires

  • Game partners like table tennis and badminton

  • Surgical assistance in various operations

  • Food delivery and package reaching to its destination

  • Grass moving and vacuuming the households in domestic zones

  • Helping the soldiers in the war zones by providing information related to the enemy.

  • Sorting of any particular kind of object under a searchable engine


Robotics technology affects every fundamental part of work and home. Robotics has the potential to transform the lives of people in a positive approach and work practices and ultimately raises efficiency by effectively controlling the safety levels and providing improvisation of levels of service. In these industries, robotics already underpins the employment of the people and some people are submitting the jobs to the robots, as they will get an appreciable benefit from the robots in every aspect. People are losing their jobs that are vulnerable as looking in the future as the people are hiring robots that can work continuously without getting tired or exhausted and not under the scope of feeling the tiring behavior. This parameter is creating a serious threat towards the employment of the people in the industries as robots are taking place of humans. However, robots have no ability to think or to adapt to the varying parameters that are not good for some companies as robots have designed programming and that particular programming provides a base for the specific type of functioning. The Future of Robotics is bright and engineers are designing the next generation of robots to look, feel and act comprehensively like a human, to make it easier for us to perform various operations encountered during multiple situations. Realistic looking hair and skin with embedded sensors will allow robots to react according to the human in the environment in providing sustainable production. (Aucouturier, 2008)


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