Movecharge – Charge Your Phone on the Go


We are all constantly raving about the conservation of energy and the power crisis. No one has found a perfect solution to the problem. But now there’s “MoveCharge”, a charger for smartphones that produce power for recharging a phone from the phone’s movement. Smartphones typically consume more battery power than other mobile devices. If we need longer battery life, we need larger batteries. Even so, these big batteries do not last long enough. That’s where “MoveCharge” comes in.

Every day in our busy schedules, we keep running around the office and the home with our phones. We take out our phones 1,000 times a day to check emails, notifications, using applications, playing games, etc. We play motion sensor games with our phones.

What if all of these movements could be used to power up your phone? That’s what “MoveCharge” is all about!